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What is Hybrid Cloud?


Hybrid cloud integrates public cloud services, private cloud services and on-premises infrastructure and provides orchestration, management and application portability across all three. The result is a single, unified and flexible distributed computing environment where an organization can run and scale its traditional or cloud-native workloads on the most appropriate computing model.

The Challenges and The Solutions .

Migration without refactoring

If applications are migrated from dissimilar environments, then applications need time-consuming and costly refactoring during migration.  The consistent infrastructure allows fast, low-cost migration to the cloud-and easy migration back on-site if needs change. 


VM and container workloads

IT organizations increasingly must support containerized cloud-native application architectures in addition to existing virtual machines. A hybrid cloud management foundation should enable integrated management of both existing and new applications.  


Making security and policies consistent:

Many security policies are tied to the underlying infrastructure. With hybrid cloud, it is important to be able to tie security and compliance policies to the workload, so policies can be enforced consistently wherever workloads are deployed. 

Siloed tools and processes

If different tools and processes are used to manage applications and underlying infrastructure in various unique environments, then new functional silos and specialized skills can keep organizations from achieving their cloud goals. A hybrid cloud should extend existing IT tools and processes from the data center to cloud to optimize operational efficiency and avoid having to train or hire new capabilities.  

Igration without Refactoring

Morpheus Data allows for fast and low-cost migration to the cloud without the need for extensive refactoring. Its consistent infrastructure approach ensures compatibility across dissimilar environments, enabling smooth migration of applications without the need for time-consuming modifications. This reduces migration costs and minimizes disruptions.

VM and Container Workloads

Morpheus Data offers integrated management capabilities for both virtual machines (VMs) and containerized cloud-native applications. It provides a unified platform to manage and orchestrate both types of workloads, allowing organizations to leverage the benefits of containerization while seamlessly managing their existing VM-based applications.

Consistent Security and Policies

Morpheus Data enables organizations to enforce security and compliance policies consistently across hybrid cloud environments. It allows for the definition and application of granular security policies tied to workloads rather than underlying infrastructure. This ensures that security measures are applied consistently regardless of the deployment location, improving overall security posture.

Integration and Avoidance of Siloed Tools

Morpheus Data helps organizations avoid functional silos and specialized skills by extending existing IT tools and processes from the data center to the cloud. It provides integration capabilities with a wide range of existing tools, allowing for streamlined operations and avoiding the need to train or hire new capabilities. This helps optimize operational efficiency and reduces complexity.

Automation and Orchestration

Morpheus Data enables automated provisioning, deployment, and management of applications and infrastructure across hybrid cloud environments. It helps streamline processes, reduce manual efforts, and ensure consistency in operations.

Multi-Cloud Management

Morpheus Data supports multiple public and private cloud platforms, allowing organizations to manage and monitor resources across different cloud providers from a single interface. This centralized management simplifies operations and enhances visibility.

Governance and Compliance

Morpheus Data provides governance and compliance features that help organizations enforce policies, track resource usage, and ensure regulatory compliance. It offers auditing capabilities, access controls, and reporting functionalities to support governance requirements.

Cost Optimization

Morpheus Data includes cost optimization features that help organizations track and manage cloud costs effectively. It provides visibility into resource utilization, offers cost estimation and forecasting, and enables resource rightsizing and optimization to control cloud spending.

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