One platform to run apps and data anywhere

Hyper-converged Infrastucture Solution.

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Nutanix Cloud
AHV Virtualization
No lock-in into any hardware vendors

One Platform.
Any App.
Any Cloud.

Nutanix AHV is a modern and secure virtualization platform that provides virtual machines and containers for applications and cloud-native workloads on both on-premises and public cloud. With Nutanix software-defined you are completely free to choose:

  • Hypervisor: Nutanix AHV, Vmware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V hay Citrix XenServer.
  • Hardware: Nutanix NX appliances, OEM partners Dell, Lenovo, IBM, HPE and Cisco.
  • Native cloud: Nutanix Xi Cloud, AWS, GCP, Azure
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Your Cloud Solution, Your Way

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Magic Quadrant

Top 1 Gartner’s 2021 Hyperconverged Magic Quadrant.

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Customer's Choice

Top Full-Stack Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software

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Peer Insights

Top Rating criteria Distributed File Systems and Object Storage.

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One Single Plane

How Nutanix Works

Full-Stack Hardware and Software with the power of a large product ecosystem that operates stably and expands without limits.

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Operational Architecture

Nutanix appliances include compute, storage, networking and virtualization layer into one box. Eliminate the fragmentation of servers, storage systems and traditional SANs solutions.

Operating System

Nutanix Acropolis Operating System (AOS) runs on each node, distributing these functions to nodes in the cluster with high performance, unlimited scalability, and resiliency.


100% Software-defined:
✔︎ Nutanix Cloud Infrastucture
✔︎ Nutanix Cloud Manager
✔︎ Nutanix Unified Storage
✔︎ Nutanix Database Service
✔︎ Desktop-as-a-Services

Nutanix Move

Migrate VMs to Nutanix AHV

Nutanix (Move) is a cross-hypervisor solution for migrating virtual machines between environments Virtualized field with minimal downtime, support moving from source to destination via GUI or CLI.

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Schedule migration
Schedule data-seeding
Monitor details of migration plan

“Experience the real environment with full services and software at Nutanix Test Drive”

Build your clouds your way in a few clicks.

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We’ve transformed some of the world’s most consequential businesses.

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"Our certifications"

Nutanix Certified Associate

Nutanix Certified Associate

Life Cycle Management.
Nutanix Fundamental Concepts.
Cluster Alerts and Monitoring Administration.
Storage Concepts.
Virtual Infrastructure Administration.
Nutanix Solutions.

Nutanix Certified Professtional - Multicloud Infrastructure

Nutanix Certified Professtional - Multicloud Infrastructure

Manage Cluster, Nodes, Storage, and Features.
Configure Cluster Networking and Network Security.
Analyze and Remediate Performance Issues.
Configure, Analyze, and Remediate Alerts and Events.
Manage VM Deployment and Configuration.

Nutanix Certified Professtional - Multicloud Automation

Nutanix Certified Professtional - Multicloud Automation

Automation Concepts and Principles.
Configure event-driven Playbooks, X-Play, and Categories.
Deploy and configure infrastructure and applications using Calm.
Validate Blueprints, Playbooks, and Automation Settings.
Troubleshoot causes of a blueprint deployment failure.

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Our Address

02 Sunrise E, The Manor Central Park,
Nguyen Xien St, Hanoi, Vietnam

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+84 904 899 058

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