Hybrid Cloud S3 Object Storage

Simple, yet powerful Storage Service for modern workloads

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S3 hybrid-cloud object storage is a powerful and flexible data storage solution that combines the benefits of on-premises infrastructure with cloud-based storage services. S3, short for Simple Storage Service, is a widely used object storage service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This hybrid approach allows organizations to seamlessly integrate their existing on-premises storage systems with the cloud, enabling them to store, manage, and access data efficiently and securely.

 The key feature of S3 hybrid-cloud object storage is its ability to create a unified storage environment. It bridges the gap between on-premises data centers and the cloud, providing a cohesive platform for data management. Organizations can retain sensitive or critical data on their local infrastructure for compliance or performance reasons, while leveraging the vast scalability and cost-effectiveness of the cloud for other non-critical data.

This hybrid model also offers a seamless data migration pathway. Organizations can move data between on-premises and cloud storage seamlessly, adapting to changing business needs or to optimize costs. This flexibility ensures that organizations can manage their data strategically, allocating resources efficiently based on data access patterns and usage.

Moreover, S3 hybrid-cloud object storage offers a comprehensive suite of data management capabilities. This includes versioning, lifecycle policies, data replication, and disaster recovery options, all of which contribute to the overall reliability and availability of data.

Benefits to business

Improved Cost Efficiency

One of the primary business benefits of Hybrid-Cloud S3 is its ability to optimize costs. By leveraging the cloud for non-critical or less frequently accessed data, businesses can reduce the need for expensive on-premises infrastructure. The pay-as-you-go model of cloud services allows organizations to scale their storage resources up or down based on actual demand, avoiding upfront capital expenditures and minimizing operational costs.

Scalability and Flexibility

Hybrid-Cloud S3 provides unmatched scalability, enabling businesses to expand their storage capacity seamlessly as data volumes grow. The cloud component allows for virtually unlimited storage space, ensuring that businesses can accommodate ever-increasing data requirements without disruptions. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for organizations experiencing fluctuating data storage needs, as they can quickly adapt without over-provisioning or underutilizing resources.

Enhanced Data Resilience and Disaster Recovery

With Hybrid-Cloud S3, businesses can implement robust data redundancy and disaster recovery strategies. The cloud component acts as a geographically dispersed backup, ensuring data availability even in the event of a localized disaster or hardware failure. This enhanced data resilience minimizes downtime, protects against data loss, and helps maintain business continuity.

Accelerated Data Access and Performance

Hybrid-Cloud S3 offers the advantage of local data access for critical workloads while offloading less frequently accessed data to the cloud. This hybrid approach optimizes data retrieval times, ensuring that frequently accessed information is readily available from the local storage, thereby enhancing overall application performance and user experience.

Simplified Data Management and Compliance

Hybrid-Cloud S3 provides a centralized platform for data management. Organizations can implement consistent data policies, versioning, and retention schedules across their on-premises and cloud storage environments. Additionally, the cloud’s advanced data compliance features, such as encryption, access controls, and audit trails, help businesses adhere to data privacy regulations and industry standards, ensuring data security and compliance.

The Solution

Scalable S3-Compatible Storage, On-Prem with AWS Outposts

Manage on-prem and cloud storage together with Cloudian. Cloudian HyperStore works much like (and with) Amazon Outposts, adding infinite on-prem capacity at a significantly lower cost.

Deploy on-prem storage as a high-performance, secure backup target, then automatically replicate that data to the public cloud for an offsite copy.

Create an on-prem data lake and automatically offload less frequently used data to the cloud for limitless scalability.
Automate data management within a single namespace that spans your public cloud and on-prem worlds, all in native S3 for no lock-in.
Buy just the storage you need, then pay-as-you-grow in a truly cloud-native business model.

Modernize SQL Server with S3 Data Lake

With SQL Server 2022, Microsoft introduces the capability to use a cloud data warehouse architecture on-prem. SQL Server 2022 has been enhanced with a new S3 connector which uses the S3 REST API to connect to any S3-compatible object storage. Cloudian’s HyperStore solution with native S3 for on-prem or in the cloud, provides customers a complete solution with limitless scalability, and integrates seamlessly with SQL server 2022. HyperStore is fully validated to run SQL Server workloads for external tables ingesting data directly from S3 data lakes built on HyperStore, as well as a solution to backup native SQL Server tables for data protection.

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