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Enterprise-Class, Highest S3-Compatibility Object Storage Software

Super Cloudian Object Storage.

Unlimited data storage up to Exabytes with the highest security, S3-Native compatibility, combined use as Data LakeHouse.

  • HyperStore Object Storage
  • HyperFile NAS Storage
  • HyperIQ Observability & Analytics
  • HyperCare Managed Service
  • HyperBalance Load Balancer
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Cloud Management Platform

Morpheus Data Hybrid Cloud.

  • 1
    Centralized Platform
    Create private clouds, manage public clouds, and consolidate Kubernetes deployments.
  • 2
    x150 Faster Deployment
    Provision applications and resources form catalog, API/CLI, ITSM or Infrastructure-as-Code.
  • 3
    Hybrid cloud costing management
    Synchronized public cloud costing and custom pricing for on-premise resources.
  • 4
    Monitoring, Reporting and Everything
    Monitor system resources, locate virtual machine logging, make reports, recommend resource usage.
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Enterprises have a strategy
to use Hybrid Cloud in Vietnam


The Prime Minister's target of GDP proportion of the digital economy until 2025

97 Zettabytes

Total amount of data
on worldwide in 2023

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Hybrid Cloud is a model of using a combination of more than one Public and Private Cloud platform in an IT environment. From AWS, GCP, Azure to Nutanix, VMware, OpenStack and more.

Morpheus Hybrid Cloud is a combination of the leading features of 2 types of Public and Private Cloud. Bringing a centralized administration interface, integrating today's most popular Kubernetes platforms, implementing automation and IaC workflows for not only applications but also IT system operations, RBAC mechanisms, thresholding Resource usage and more are waiting for you to discover.

Object storage is relatively new when compared with more traditional storage systems such as file or block storage. So, what is object storage, exactly? In short, it is storage for unstructured data that eliminates the scaling limitations of traditional file storage. Limitless scale is the reason that object storage is the storage of the cloud. All of the major public cloud services, including Amazon, Google and Microsoft, employ object storage as their primary storage.

The main advantage of object storage is that you can group data streams into large storage pools and distribute those buckets across multiple locations. This not only allows for unlimited scaling, but also improves resiliency and high availability of data.

In addition, the benefits of this type are also mentioned as:
- Metadata customization
- High Sequential Throughput performance
- Wide range of data protection mechanisms
- Highest S3 API standard compatibility in the market
- TCO cost short

Entirely possible. The data analysis if provided with insights and the larger the data set, the more effective the analysis. However, storing huge amounts of data creates major challenges: cost, complexity, scalability, and data protection. To efficiently extract useful information from raw data, an affordable, highly scalable storage that is simple, reliable, and compatible with the tools you have is required.

By combining the flexibility, cost savings and scale of S3 data lakes with data management and ACID transactions. Cloudian HyperStore delivers on-premises S3 data lake on common standards, seamlessly integrating with leading data warehouse platforms to bring the data lakehouse concept from cloud to on-prem for a truly hybrid experience.

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