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Enterprise File Storage and Collaboration

A file repository for your business, with team folders, sync, secure sharing, and collaboration.

Share large files externally with clients and vendors.

Flexible Infrastructure

Adapted to how you do business: on-premises, hybrid, or cloud service. Supports branch office replication.

Instantly modernize your Windows NTFS-based file servers.

Unparalleled Security and Compliance

Protect content from threats and security risks.

Comply with ITAR, HIPAA, GDPR, and other regulations.

Superior ROI

Unlimited external users and API access. Low TCO with robust enterprise feature stack.

Professional Services and Support tiers for fast, expert help.

Secure Collaboration & Sharing

Collaborate seamlessly and safely with FileCloud’s file and folder permissions and multiple security options designed to prevent leakage.

FileCloud’s Zero Trust File SharingSM feature provides guaranteed control for extra confidentiality.

Granular permissions mean you can set restrictions on access levels when collaborating. To limit risk, you can share sensitive information with password protection or via private link, as well as set expiration dates on file access.

Content Streamlining with Metadata

Achieve full oversight and control over even your unstructured data with FileCloud’s built-in metadata sets. You can also create customized metadata sets to address your own specific enterprise needs.

FileCloud metadata allows you to take control of content governance, data leak prevention (DLP), and workflows.

Security & Compliance in One Solution

Streamline your regulatory obligations with FileCloud’s Compliance Center. Adhere to HIPAA, GDPR, and ITAR with ease. FileCloud admins can check user activity patterns in seconds, generate reports, and configure settings to ensure adherence in a few clicks.

FileCloud’s security features, such as ransomware protection, Data Leak Prevention, and FIPS 140-2 encryption add another tier of protection for extra-sturdy resilience.

Workflow Automation for Greater ROI

Optimize business efficiencies with our Workflow Automation feature. Our no-code, drag-and-drop tool makes it simple to streamline routine tasks and cut out cumbersome manual steps.

Our intuitive dashboard displays live running workflows, allowing users and managers to check progress at a single glance, and complete important tasks such as invoice approvals and contract reviews in the designated time.

Optimized Content Governance

Deliver content securely and streamline life cycles with FileCloud’s Content Governance features. Retention policies simplify compliance by automating adherence to privacy regulations, minimizing administration overheads.

Enterprises can easily comply with regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and ITAR with FileCloud’s content classification capabilities. These also allow administrators to locate PII and other sensitive information in a matter of seconds, avoiding cumbersome manual searching.

Digital Rights Management for Full Ownership

Protect your intellectual property and other information assets, even after distribution. Set limits on file downloads and prints, block the taking of screenshots, and withdraw file access at any time. Share using FileCloud’s Secure Document Viewer to protect your intellectual property and trade secrets.

Prevent unauthorized access to confidential information with Zero Trust File SharingSM. Password-protect your files in a Zip folder with 256-bit AES encryption that even a FileCloud admin cannot access, let alone a malicious actor.

Hybrid Cloud for Flexibility & Business Continuity

Our hybrid cloud solution provides enterprises with the best of both worlds: the low latency access of an on-premises private cloud solution, with the option of hosting on public cloud providers for redundancy and remote access (such as working from home or the failure of the on-premises server). It also provides a scaling-up option when the on-premises infrastructure is under pressure.

Synchronize files and permissions easily between your on-premises file server and your public cloud. This allows enterprises to activate redundant capacity in the event of an on-premises server outage.

ServerLink for Increased Resilience

Maximize enterprise disaster recovery capabilities with ServerLink. This flexible solution can be used in several deployment scenarios to replicate data between a primary FileCloud server site and one or more secondary sites.

Simply run the replication client on your secondary servers to synchronize seamlessly with the primary site. Changes are replicated across all secondary sites, ensuring business continuity in the event of disaster or outage at your primary enterprise site.

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